Our History

GLLC Club History

Our hearty band of Leo lovers formally organized as a LCA recognized sanctioned specialty club in the spring of 1999. Since then many of you have continued to support the group with your membership, donations, and entries at the regional events. We have undergone many growth spurts within the regional group. From marching down Main Street in Eaton, Ohio, for the Preble Co. PorkFestival Parade, to a single dog show on a ball field, to weekends of multiple shows, and even a tri-combined weekend with the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Leo clubs. We’ve met in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania, in friendship and shared Leo hugs. We’ve shared personal joys and sorrows, which have strengthened the club bonds. The purpose of the club is to organize activities, educate new owners, and encourage sportsmanlike conduct among members. We are constantly expanding our horizons.

GLLC Memories

I have many fond memories of the GLLC. The day we started the club, and the board members volunteering for their positions at Ann Rogers’ home after a picnic meal, the yearly Porkfest shows, the parade of Leonbergers down the streets of Eaton, Ohio, and Dale and Rose with their cart. The usually overly warm day the parade was on, we would walk to the fairgrounds, which seemed like miles. The end being the dirt track, and ending up in a horse barn for the fair people to meet and greet the Leo’s. (Which of course I didn’t like because I had just washed my dogs for the show the next day.) We would have a picnic dinner of Kentucky Fried Chicken and get together at the local park. All this was hosted, and put together with love, by Emily Shank.

There were the board meetings, where everyone had an opinion, but no one wanted to volunteer for anything. There was the day Fred Jeffries scratched his head and I started a vote to make him president because he raised his hand. Hint: Never scratch your head during a desperate board voting session! I remember the shows I hosted in Brighton, getting everything together; Fritz and Bonnie helping me when no one else would. There were the Leo’s in Howell, at the Balloonfest, and the show in my own back yard; my family and friends volunteering to make it a success. There were the group of AKC judges, coming to see the Leo’s and learn about them. The new and old members gathering, and the show that Cyd and Brenda hosted at the Lipazzan horse farm.

We have had some good times and recently some sad times. But all in all, I thought of us as a team. The team members haven’t changed much, and we plod along with shows in our sights. Members help when they can. There is the fun in knowing that we will live to see another day, and another gathering of the club, that started in a LCA member’s front yard not so many years ago. I look to the future as a bonding period. One to gather new members, and keep the old. I look forward to bigger and better shows. Maybe even one where I win – ha!

— Julie Hatlas-Pepper 2004

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